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Building Intentional Security™

Intentional - Purposeful. Deliberate. Planned.
That's what security should be.

Executive Advisory and Support Services

Encurve's Executive Advisory and Support services provide security and business leaders with Informed Risk Strategies™ based on four guiding principles:

Alignment of security with business objectives
The single biggest problem in the security profession is the inability to align security strategy and operations with the business. Unfortunately, too few security consultants understand how to really make it happen.
We do.

Risk-based decision making
Security professionals too often fail to provide the information business leaders need to make critical risk and budget decisions. Encurve helps organizations develop an informed, data driven understanding of the unique threats and risks they face and create effective solutions.

Strategic focus
Transforming the security organization from tactical and fire-fighting to strategic and proactive.

Convergence of security strategies
When security functions are stove-piped into separate organizations it creates internal competition, hinders the management of cross-functional risk and is wasteful.

Encurve's executive services include:

Security Advisory Services

Encurve works with executives and their staff to close the gap between business and security and provide effective security solutions. Our services include:

Security Outsourcing Services

Leverage Encurve's extensive security experience and knowledge to allow your organization to focus on core competency while reducing costs. We provide a wide variety of services for organizations of all sizes.

Security Program Development

Business leaders are looking for greater return from their security investment. Without a knowledgeable, effective and efficient organization, security is based on guesswork, leading to high losses and wasteful spending. Encurve's extensive experience in assessing and developing capable security programs has helped companies move from tactical and fire-fighting to strategic and proactive. Some of the areas where we can help:

Executive Training and Awareness

Encurve offers customized training and awareness programs for security and business leaders ranging from focused briefings to multi-day workshops, scenario planning seminars or regular topical updates. Our executive training and awareness programs are tailored to your needs and delivered by experts with extensive experience speaking to senior executives.

These are just a few of the services we offer. Regardless of your security concerns or requirements contact Encurve today to learn how we can help.

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