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Building Intentional Security™

Intentional - Purposeful. Deliberate. Planned.
That's what security should be.

Security Assessment and Management Services

Encurve's Security Assessment and Management practice delivers a wide range of solutions to your information, physical and converged security requirements with a big difference: Unlike many consulting firms, we don't leverage inexperienced consultants armed with canned checklists and reports. We collaborate with you to understand your business and security requirements.

Encurve's consultants are board certified professionals such as Certified Protection Professionals (CPP) and Certified Information Security Managers (CISM) with experience as security practitioners making the same hard choices you do between risk, business requirements and tight budgets.

Our services broadly include:

Security Assessment Services

Tired of "security assessments" that just provide an endless list of control vulnerabilities but never answer the question "What does this mean to my business"? We utilize our industry leading, proprietary Enhanced Security Assessment Framework (ESAF)™ methodology to find the root causes of security deficiencies and provide meaningful analysis of business impact with actionable recommendations. We provide a wide range of assessments including:

Policy Development

Effective policies are much more than documents sitting on a shelf. They are the foundation of a successful security program. We build policy frameworks to improve operational performance and create measurable compliance.

Design and Implementation Services

From business continuity programs to network security architectures to the development of integrated security systems for access control, surveillance and alarm management, we can support your requirements -- from small to multi-national corporations.

Incident Response and Investigations

Employee misconduct, intellectual property thefts, network hackers, electronic discovery orders, natural disasters: The list of potential incidents is endless and complete elimination of risk is impossible. Encurve provides services to help organizations understand the threats they face and how to plan ahead to detect and response effectively. When an incident does occur we can provide investigative support, loss determination and remediation services to quickly resolve the problem.

Training and Awareness

Encurve is in the business of helping you help yourself. We share our expertise and experience through a variety of training and awareness programs each tailored to your particular situation.

For example, our industry leading Enhanced Security Assessment Training course is designed to close the gap between business leaders and security practitioners and has helped in-house security staff and other consulting firms deliver effective security assessments utilizing Encurve's Enhanced Security Assessment Framework(ESAF)™ methodology.

These are just a few of the services we offer. Regardless of your security concerns or requirements contact Encurve today to learn how we can help.

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